Bell wildfire auction

I just came upon this link while researching solo canoes. I have no affiliation with piragis, just thought people might be interested. I bid, but am sure I will be outbid, as I can’t really afford a reasonable price.

Wouldn’t That Be a Hoot?
To own Cliff Jacobsen’s canoe? I could afford it now, but I’m certain the price will climb WAY out of my range! WW

why do you show us these things
I am trying to pay off one boat and you are showing me one of those “wouldn’t you love to own that” canoes. Money benifiting children, getting a great boat and a bit of a story behind it to boot; being Mr. Jacobson’s. I tell you some people are just plain mean.


Nice boat at any price for a good cause
About 2500.00 new with wood trim.

Picture may not be “the” boat

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OK photo checkers, take a close look at the boat in the top picture with Cliff in it.

The description said, "This Wildfire is one of the early models with glued in flotation at the ends which saves some weight."

I also have an early model Wildfire with glued in floatation. They look like big pieces of gray/black foam stuck in the bow and stern. Not ugly, but functional.

Now take another look at the sealed-in floatation tank just behind Cliff's portage yoke.

However, the second picture appears to be a different boat and looks like it does have the dark foam floatation.

That said, it still is a great boat with quite a story to tell. I'm hoping to use the price to value my Wildfire.


I’m Winning!
Just thought I would revel in the thought of a new boat. I can’t believe how slowly this auction is going, the current high bid is still only $775!

Any thoughts on the value of this boat, notwithstanding the charity or celebrity aspects of the sale?

C.J. and the Wildfire

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I've seen pics of Cliff paddling in BCWA in a yellow Wildfire in magazines. Maybe it was a rental.

Add 200 for wood trim
but still. Now if it were signed by both Cliff and DY that would be nice.