Bell Wildfire Layup

I am going to look at a 10 year old Wildfire next week. The seller does not know what the layup is. She says it weights about 39 lbs and has a green color on the inside with gelcoat on outside. What Bell layup had a green interior? Is it original or did someone paint it?

Four options
WildFire was made in four laminations.

Glass/Fiberlar usually with a roving interior. Either way, the interior would be painted with gel coat, usually grey.

WhiteGold, a FG outer, Kevlar inner with a core mat bottom core.

Kev-Light/Krystal, All Kevlar, usually with a foam core in the bottom, sometimes with foam ribs.

BlackGold, Carbon outer, Kevlar inner with multiple carbon and Kevlar partials; a solid fabric hull.

Bell’s “Tweed” is a 75% Kev 49, 25% black Kev 29 fabric that tends to look green due to the brownish VE Resin.

We Had A Fiberlar Bucktail…
…that had a green interior. Very nice layup, held up for years on Ozark streams. A friend still has it.