Bell Wildfire - Price

Greetings all,

What is a good price for for a Bell Wildfire in Royalex with the plastic trim? One of the rails has a small chunk cracked out the inside, perhaps two inches long. Its listed for 500 at a local paddling shop.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Used or new clearance?


I paid $600
for a slightly used WF Royalex with vinyl rails, air bags and lacing, and a spare paddle. This was last fall so prices may have changed since then.

$600 was a nice price.
I paid $650 this spring for just the slightly used royalex with vinyl trim and no accessories.

Not bad
If it’s called a Wildfire and not a Yellowstone Solo, then the boat is several years old. I bought one in 2002 when it was still called a Wildfire. I think the name change happened in 2003. Anyway, regardless of the name a new one in stock costs $1000 now in vinyl trim and the price is going up to $1100, so $500 seems like a good price, especially if it’s new and the damage is not too severe.

Bell has been raising prices often as of late. I saw a new YS in RX w/ wood trim for $1300. That’s approaching Kevlar prices. I realize that RX is made from oil and we all know what’s happened with oil prices, but I personally feel that Bell is pushing the market for all it’s worth. It’s a good design, but no way I’ll pay that much for a Royalex solo.

I paid $650
for a slightly used one. I thought it was a good deal/fair price. Canoes don’t really depriciate much, as they have no moving parts, and take a really long time to wear out.

If you like the boat, $500 is a bargain.

Jump on it…but because of your name
Fat-guy-in-a-little-boat, you had better check and make sure the boat is not too small for you. Optimum load for that canoe is 160 to 280 lbs. and I think 280/300 is pushing it for anything but flatwater.

$425.00 with a nice paddle
Two montns ago a paid $425.00 for a 2001 Wildfire RX with a nice paddle thrown in. The boat was literally used once, and then kept in the garage. I think 500.00 is still a real good deal.