Bell Yellowstone material

I’m considering buying a used tandem Yellowstone. The seller says that it is made of “kevlar type plastic composite” and that it originally cost him more than $2500. The boat is a gray color and the pics look like royalex not the Black Gold I’ve seen on Bell’s website. Is there some other material that Bell would have custom made?

Inside Texture
Ask the seller about the inside texture. Royalex would be smooth. I can’t say for certain, but I’d assume if the boat is glass, it would be textured (or at least have a textured appearance.)

Check the website

Looks like the tandem boat was only made in royalex. The Yellowstone Solo had composite versions.

The seller is a liar
As you have already figured out, his idea that it’s made of “kevlar type plastic composite” is BS. So is his statement about the original price, if the boat was only available in Royalex, as seems to be the case. Have to wonder if he’s even the rightful owner of the thing.

The ad screams
Of hot boat

Odd royalex color
Thanks for the advice guys. I agree it seems suspicious. I am puzzled by the color however as I’m not aware of Bell making a gray royalex. Here’s a link to the ad. Nevermind he’s already withdrawn the ad.