Bell Yellowstone/tandem for solo?

-- Last Updated: Feb-03-06 4:06 PM EST --

has anyone used the yellowstone tandem for a solo tripper? i was thinking with a center seat [which is optional] it would make a nice river tripping canoe. the solo yellowstone i think is too small for me and I can't find a Mad River Freedom solo in my area. but, I think i could get a yellowstone tandem. any advice is appreciated!

link :

thanks. i was hoping to get some info from someone that actually uses it as a solo tripper.

your welcome
No problem !!!

This is interesting because you are not
the first person to mention this. I can’t say I know anyone who has tried it but my bet is that it would make a very good boat for a person who it to heavy for the Wildfire.

The Yellowstone is listed at 34" beam. Most solo’s run 27"to 30" which makes it easier to paddle from the center of the boat.