Bell Yellowstone Tandem

This boat has been out a few years now. I’m looking for thoughts on it. Handling, capacity, speed, etc.

I’m looking for a small royalex tandem that will see most use as a solo for fishing and poking around on shallow rivers up to low class two max. Probably only 20% tandem use. I’ve had two nice solos, but I enjoy a small tandem for most of my use. I’ve recently gotten a OT Canadienne 16 that I love, but don’t want to tear it up on the rocky rivers where I spend about half my time.

I should get to paddle the Yellowstone myself soon, but would be very interested in hearing what others think of it.

not espeially fast, but turns very wel
I like the YS tandem a lot as a big solo. It turns very well and can go nicely on the flats, just not as fast. With a double blade a solo paddler can easily keep up with tandems using straight blades. But for the rocky rivers you’re talking about I can’t think of any boat I’d like more than the YS unless you get into the Prospector models. The OT Appalachian is another one you might find interesting, but I still like the YS better. My favorite small tandem is still the Nova Craft Bob Special. Not a big white water boat, but pleasant and nimble for most Class II stuff.