Bell," Yellowstone"

Am I correct in assuming this is the old wildfire?

The specks are pretty much the same but It is only available in royalex. and the old wildfire

is now only available in composite layups.The yellowstone is not listed at the bell website

but I got a Quick look at one on it’s way to

paddlesport and It did resemble a wildfire.

You are correct: the Royalex Yellowstone is the Wildfire renamed; the composite layups are still called Wildfire.

Ahem almost
The Wildfire is the Yellowstone Solo, There will be a shorter version of the Alaskan that will be known as the Yellowstone. Atleast according to the dealer promo material released last spring. Haven’t seen this years promo material yet.


Yellowstone Tandem
A nearby dealer had a Yellowstone tandem in stock the other day in addition to the Solo Yellowstone. The Tandem is 15.5’, I think, but very much resembles the royalex wildfire/yellowstone solo, only scaled up.

I really like the looks of that boat for a possible small tandem big solo river boat. (But I paddle a royalex Northwind solo, so what do I know :slight_smile: ).Anybody paddle one of these Yellowstone tandems yet?