Bell Yoke Pads

Would you buy a pair of these?

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But I would go with these

I did.
In fact I bought a dozen pair when I was managing a livery fleet. Then I decided that they were too expensive for what they were and just as easy to make. Seriously, those portage pads are REALLY easy to make. Some nylon, furniture foam, treated plywood, SS bolts, SS T-Nuts, SS wing nuts, and SS staples. Close to $4 worth of parts to make a pair. The CVCA padded portage pads are much better.

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Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories

Less expensive from the manufacturer

Excellent product, superior service, super people.

The CVCA pads are much more comfortable, well made, last for many moons and very reasonably priced direct from the maker. CVCA is a small mom, pop & the kids business – good vibrations.

My point was
the apparent lack of quality workmanship. I have no intent on purchasing a pair - I have made my own before - but I was appalled at the slap-dash appearance of these pads.


They probably work OK, and I’m more for functionality than fit & finish, but I saw the stapled folds and the price, and thought “what monkey stapled this together?”


Bell Yoke Pads

This type of pad works great! You can get them either clamp on or bolt on. I got mine at Redrock in Ely on my SR Quetico 17. The canoe carries well with them. $40.00 I believe. I have also made some myself out of plywood, foam, and vinyl. My homemade ones were bolt on and my purchased ones clamp adjust.