Belly straps

I have a collection of NRS, Thule, and Yakima straps for securing my canoes and kayak to my rack. I have faith in all of them. Never used the ones from Strap Works, but I hear they are good as well.

Recently I needed four straps for a device at work and picked up some Malaysia-made ones at Lowes.


Brother, are they cheesey. flimsy webbing, difficult to thread, look like they will fray at the least amount of abrasion. Took 'em back and ordered NRS.

I don’t care if you all never use front and rear tie-downs, just as long as you invest in quality straps. They are no more expensive than the cheapies.


NRS straps
Having the length embroidered into the webbing makes it much easier to find the ones I want, and I like the attached buckle pads. Two thumbs up.

I agree !
I have a bunch of differnt length ones, most of which are NRS and I never leave home without them.

I use them to secure whatever won’t fit in the vehicle to the roof.

Lumber, ladders, you name it and I use them for stuff like that.

At various races I have given a few away if someone needs one.