Bending Branches Glide Plus

I’ve been paddling using a bending branches slice carbon plus since last summer, and love the paddle despite it not being the most absolute lightest paddle ever. I find the twist lock and being able to vary my angle and length to be perfect as each day i am setting it slightly different depending on what the conditions are like. My only complaint is the wide blade while going directly into the wind, so i thought i might try the longer, narrower slice blade instead.

The problem is that i was looking on the BB website and it seems that since they took over aquabound, they don’t offer the carbon plus models anymore, only up to the hybrid plus. When i compare the weights, they both seem to be listed as 31oz, but does anyone know if they are a comparable swing weight? I believe the only difference is the hybrid has fibreglass blades and the carbon has carbon/abx blades, would there be a whole lot of difference between the two?

Look at Aquabound
Since BB bought out Aquabound, it appears Aquabound now carries the highend double blades. Now with 2 paddle companies I think they have decided to have BB carry the high end canoe blades and Aquabound carry the high end double blades, while they both share products lines in the middle.

Last year I was looking to get a light weight high end paddle from BB. They didn’t have what I wanted but after talking to their Customer Service rep, she suggested I look at the Aquabound Performance line.

I too wanted a narrower blade and wound up purchasing the Swell with a Carbon blade (25 oz). The same paddle can be purchased with a fiberglass blade and it weighs in at 29 oz. Both paddles have carbon shafts and the adjustable ferrule is an option.

I’ve been very pleased with my new stick.

I bought 2 bending branches paddles
last year (high vis green) before Aquabound took them over. I have been told people see my paddles before my boat!

They are both carbon with the adjustable ferrules ($$) I first bought the evening breeze as i wanted a narrow blade, but then decided i wanted the narrower “twilight” blade. I dont use it often as i mainly use my greenland paddle but it is a very nice smallish size blade.

Aquabound does make them under their own names - just look for the performance paddles and find the narrowest blade - that one is the same as the twilight. There are lighter paddles out there but i like the 215-230 cm option !!

Who took over who??

Posted by: waterbearer: “Since BB bought out Aquabound”

Posted by: Just1more: “last year… before Aquabound took them over”

BB bought out Aquabound.

My mistake
As the paddles now say Aquabound, my “assumption” was that they bought out Bending Branches division of kayak paddles. Wrong assumption, i guess.