Bending Branches Impression

So what’s the scoop on the Bending Branches Impression kayak paddle? I can get it for $85. Are there any other paddles that I should be looking at in that price range?

Bending Branches
Have you ever used a wood paddle before? Sleek and aesthetically pleasing they can be heavier than you expect in the long run.

I have the BB Impression paddles…
…I have the Bending Branches Impression paddles, with the “Day” blades. The “Day” blades are shorter, and a bit wider than the longer/narrower blades for the low angle paddler. I have been using them for about 2 paddling seasons. I am a high angle paddler, so the “Day” blades work OK for me.

… They seem to be well made, and the “Rockguard” tips really are tough. When I enter and exit my kayak, instead of putting the back side of the baddle down against the concrete or stones, I put the blade tip edge down. This keeps the wood back of the paddle from getting chewed up by the rough surface. I know this puts extra strain on the blade tips, but they have handled my 270 lb weight well.

… I have noticed the 40 oz does get heavy after 8-9 miles, so I am in the process of checking out a couple carbon paddles with the crank style shaft. (Werner & Lendal) But for general recreational paddling, and an occasional trip, these are well made paddles, that do a nice job. I never had a flutter problems either.

…For the price you are looking at, you won’t go wrong buying them as long as the weight doesn’t bother you. I like things made of wood, so that is what attracted me to them. I also never had any problems with the furrels either. They fit nice and snugly. I put a little “Starbright Boat Polish with Teflon” on and inside the composite furrels, and the Teflon in that keeps dirt from sticking inside. They go together and come apart nicely.

Happy paddling!

thanks for the help so far
Thanks for the responses so far. The Impression retails at $100 but I just bought a Walden Vista from a local shop and thus get 15% off all paddling accessories (so $85). I am new to kayak paddling. I have wood canoe paddles that I love, I like the look and feel. I may get the BB Impression for lake paddling and maybe look at buying another paddle for rivers.

here is the bending branches impression link:

Walden Comparable?
Just wondering how the Walden wooden paddle shown with this Vista compares to the BB Impression? Of course Walden went under…