Bending Branches "Impressions" wood

kayak paddle. I saw these on sale at Gander Mountain for $89.99. It looks and feels like a pretty nice paddle. There aren’t any reviews listed on Has anybody out there used this paddle and have any thoughts to share about it?

I like the fact that it’s got rock guard around the tips of the blades like a lot of wooden canoe paddles have.

I’d appreciate any thoughts you have to share about these paddles or wooden kayak paddles in general.

Gander Mountain also has their Bending Branches Infusion and Infusion crankshaft paddles on sale.


So, nobody’s tried this paddle?

Nice Paddle!

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I like things made of wood, so I bought the Impression's paddle with the "Day" blades. I used them for two summers, and they still look like new. The rock guard tips are very tough and strong.

I use the shore brace technic to get into my kayak, and instead of putting the back of the blade to the boat ramp, I put the rock guard tip down against the boat ramp. The paddle, the furrle and the tip have all held up well. I think it is a very nice looking paddle, and Bending Branches make a good quality and strong paddle.

The only reason I don't use them any more, is I have progressed to a shorter lighter "Carbon" paddle. My Bending Branches is 230cm, and I now use a 215 cm length.

If you like wood, you won't go wrong buying Bending Branches Paddles.

Happy Paddling!

Thanks for the feedback.
$90 seems like a pretty good price for that paddle. Thanks for the tip on how to use it for a shore brace without damaging it. Some day I may advance to a carbon fiber paddle. I would probably get the 220cm Impression. 220cm seems to be a pretty good length for my Phoenix Isere kayak and my Sawyer Summersong Solo canoe.