Bending branches navigator paddle

Would be my first paddle. Anyone have any opinions, comments or reviews on this paddle?

I’ve done some research and this is where i ended up. I really like the aesthetic. Tried a $70 field and stream paddle yesterday, aluminun 220 cm and i didnt like it at all. I might as well buy a really good paddle i will have for a really long time. I think i need a 230 though. Kayak is 27.75 inches wide, sit in and I’m 6’2.

It is beautiful! Paddles are really hard to advise about because they are such a personal piece of equipment. I think 230 is a good guess but it depends on your style of paddling and your dimensions.
Long or avg arms, long or avg torso? Can you try different lengths before you buy. Are you a high or low angle paddler? I am both depending on conditions.

The Navigator model is offered in Bending Branches’ “Plus” models. It is a telescoping Carbon (or fiberglass, if preferred) 215-230 CM or 225-240CM paddle shaft.

I have the Slice Plus (215-230), and at 5’8” it seems ok in my pack (28” beam) and my Kestrel 140 (26” beam).


Thanks Canoedoc! My favorite paddle Is the same. Prevents , or slows down paddle purchases.

I wasnt aware of the plus option. That is good to know.

Btw, i have long arms. Pretty sure I’m 6’2 cuz i got long legs.

I’m 6’5" with long arms and a long torso. That’s why I can use a short paddle in a wide boat.
I use an adjustable length paddle.