Bent Canoe Paddle BLADE size

What is the favored bent paddle BLADE size range for solo tripping/camping, on flat-water, using a cadence optimized for endurance/long distance?

…oh yeah, and while using a rudder

Smaller for higher cadence
Bigger for lower cadence

If you do 60-70 bpm you will see the difference

Not sure what you mean by distance. I am fine with 25 miles a day on flatwater with an 7.5 by 20 inch blade but also coming to like my Zaveral lollipop too

7.75 or 8"
I’m a big fan of 7.5" to 8" for my blade widths and paddle in the exact style you describe.

if you have the money, I highly recommend the ZRE powersurge light with a 7.75" blade. by far my favorite paddle.

25 miles a day is my goal.
25mi a day is about what i was thinking (when i reach that skill/health/endurance level) Right now my 50" We-No-Nuh carbon bent is 9X18"…so with this size i think ill feel major fatigue at a 25 mile mark. Surely a smaller bladed paddle from ZRE is in the cards for me, i just want room to grow;)

Under 8" width
for distance. 25 miles is a LOT of strokes. Less resistance equals less fatigue. If you need periods of speed, up the cadence.

Bending Branches BB Special
For $90.00 all wooden blade with tip protection @ 8" wide and 14 deg. bend is my kind of paddle. Of course, it isn’t one of them super light high tech paddles that you have to worry about all the time that they’ll get damage. At 22 ounces, that’s light enough for 25 miles a day and no worries on paddling back. BB paddles are tough and have lasted me more than 20 years