Bent Paddles

I am going to upgrade my paddle and am thinking of the Werner Kalliste carbon -Bent. I ave not used a bent before, How about some feedback on the bent. Used for long days, 220 standard shaft.

Any info appreciated.


I have both
Arguments can be made back and forth about pros/cons of each. I think it comes down to which you feel most comfortable with vis-a-vis your style of paddling.

I enjoy my bent shaft very much.
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I have tried others but…

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..always come back to my bent Kaliste 220. Really love it for distance. The smooth back makes it VERY quiet in the water. The only problem is when you set it down the wind can blow it away..:-)

My well used bent Kaliste 220 weighs 25.4 oz. I can live with that...

Bent shaft paddle
I have two bent shaft paddles. A Cadence Phantom GX and an AT Exception. Formerly I had used only straight shafts, some good and not so good, but for me the bent shafts work much better for my style of paddling. I love the lighter weight paddles and won’t go back. I’ll keep the heavier straight paddles for company. Bent shaft are slighter more weight, but not enough to bother with. Paddles can be like boats. You need to try before you buy.

I agree…however…
…while I’m all for tolerance and acceptance of alternative paddle styles, I’m going to have to express my personal preference for straight paddle culture (especially GPs!). :slight_smile:

My main concern about people considering bent shaft paddles is twofold. (1) Sometimes, I feel that they’re looking to “fix” a problem caused by paddling technique by using a different type of paddle (which won’t necessarily fix the problem), and (2) that a bent shaft paddle can place limits on a potentially more fluid paddling technique that a straight shaft naturally lends itself to.

That said, I can appreciate that (1) some people will simply prefer a bent shaft, and there’s nothing wrong with that, and (2) there are some people who suffer from chronic conditions that can only be relieved with a bent shaft paddle.

For the past few years, I’ve paddled almost exclusively with a GP, but even when I was using a “Euro” paddle, I much preferred a straight shaft. Just as it is with the GP now, it was very natural for me to slide my hands all along the shaft in various configurations while adjusting for constantly changing conditions.


Take a look at Lendal bent Shafts
The old saying is “Different Strokes for Different Folks”, and that sure applies to paddling!

Take a look at the Lendal Bent Shaft Paddles. I tried the Werner bent shaft, and liked the Lendal better. I am not saying it is better, just that “I” liked Lendal better.

The Werner and most other bent shafts are a neutral crank, meaning the centerline of the crank, is on center with the shaft. It just had a wierd feeling to me.

The Lendal Crank is offset from the centerline of the shaft. For some reason it felt more natural to me, and more comfortable.

Another great thing about Lendal is that their paddles come in 4 pieces. The blades come off, as well as the shaft seperates in the center. The snap button has a set screw inside, and after assembling, you turn a key in the center, and the paddle becomes as snug as a one piece paddle. No wiggle anyehere. I leave the blades attached all of the time, and just take them apart in the center.

Also you can buy one set of shafts, and several different blades for different uses. You can buy carbon blades for touring where there are no rocks, and buy reinforced plastic blades for rocky areas. Or whatewater blades for whitewater paddling. All using the same shaft!

I am a big guy, with broad shoulders, paddling a 22.5" wide kayak, and I use a 215cm crank shaft, with the “Kinetic Touring Blades”. I could paddle with it for hours!

If you are a smaller build person, they make the same touring blade shape in a smaller overall size called the Kinetic Touring “S” blades.

At least try the Lendal on the water before you buy. I really like the way mine work for me.

Happy Paddling!

Try before you buy . I used a Bending
Branches bent shaft for a year and went back to the Euro.But I have 2 friends who love the bent shaft.