Bent-shaft canoe paddle for small hands?

I’d like to find a bent-shaft single-blade paddle for my wife. One problem is that she has tiny hands – too small for most women’s size small gloves. She’s 5’0" Any suggestions?


Shave down a production paddle?

Just found this:

Then there’s sizing. She’ll be bow in a Morningstar. Sitting seat-to-eyes + blade length a reasonable starting point?

Has she ever tried a ZRE
My oldest daughter who is 4’-11" and has small hands, love hers.

Glove size should not have much to do with it

Jack L

Gillespie Paddles have some of the smallest diameter shafts and they can make the grip for a small hand. We have a short light Gillespie that was made for my daughter almost 30 years ago. Oak Orchard Canoes in Water port NY is the local dealer. 585-682-4849.

Whisky Jill Should be Perfect Fit
Check out the Whisky Jill paddle, it might be what you’re looking for? The Double Whisky that I use has a very narrow shaft too.

Sand down/off the shaft poly/shellac
Just sand down/off the poly/shellac on the shaft angstrom. Sand it down and treat it with…linseed oil?..or some oil that’ll preserve it Not only will it feel softer, but if gotten wet = she won’t be gripping it tighter = a MAJOR benefit in arm/elbow strain at the end of the day. However check the particular paddle’s birthplace…maker might have a smallshaft model. I always like to lightly sand off the thin poly/shellac layer though.

Foxworx has relatively small grips.
They’ll likely custom make it to your preference.

just got one.

Call Dale.