Bent shaft canoe paddlers - I still

don’t get this paddle length thing. It is a fact that 51" is too short for me, but I felt like 54" was a tad long when I paddled 12 miles withn it. I cannot quantify that other than a feeling.

I don’t understand how some of you apparently know what your paddle length should be to the quarter inch.How do you know that?

Straight shaft user but…

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I know where you're coming from. I've been comfortably using a 57 inch beavertail but I tried a 56 inch Bending Branches Explorer Plus and it felt way too long. Both of the paddles have the same shaft length. I tried a 52 inch Explorer Plus and it felt much more comfortable. Only explanation I could come up with is the greater blade area of the Explorer Plus gives me more power and control, allowing (or necessitating) a shorter shaft. I'd hate to see what happens if I tried to factor in an angle.

It’s a time thing Jim
just like with a kayak paddle.

The longer you are paddling a canoe, the more you will become tuned into the correct length that is for you.

I think since I first started paddling with a bent shaft ZRE I have shortened it three times

Also if you change canoes, the one that was perfect, just might be a tad too long or short.

I can paddle with almost any length you put in my hands, but when I am racing I want it exactly perfect.



So it is a feel thing.

feel good thing …
i paddle a 50 bent shaft. if i use a shorter paddle, you can hear me paddling … the entire blade doesn’t bury and thus there’s some cavitation = noise. a longer paddle gets my off water hand too high and it just doesn’t feel right. this “feels right” thing is based on some 50 years of paddling canoes.

you can be sure that earlier on, i probably couldn’t have told you the difference between 48 or 54.

Then my resolution to paddle more
is paddle more with the Zav.

angle can also be a factor,
as well as the type of boat, and paddling style. you can reference a quote by Dave Curtis that is listed under Cricket Paddles website: I find that when I tour, I am now staring to utilze a slightly longer bent paddle than I used I did previously.