bent Shaft Paddle (besides Werner)

Any other good companies that make decent bent shaft paddles besides Werner and AT ?? preferably a paddle with carbon shaft.

Thanks in advance guys.

bending branches

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and the price won't give you the shaft/Greyhawk is correct , my faux paux, B+B only has aluminum and wood bent shafts not carbon,,still a good paddle though.


Bending Branches…
Will give you the aluminum shaft…

Mitchell Paddles
makes great bent shaft paddles. Very nice family owned business.

I have three of their paddles and love everyone. My fav is the carbon fiber blade, with double bend. Never paddled such an efficient paddle. 20 oz. or so in weight saves on fatigue. The other two I have are single bends and those are great as well.

Hope you find what your looking for.


two letters

Or maybe 8 lendal too.

How about Zavarel. From what I have seen–pretty nice paddles.

Canoesherpa’s got the advice!
Have to agree, Mitchell makes some beautiful paddles that are wonderfully durable. Even thier base model, Breeze, is a nice FG shaft and well balanced blades. The carbon models are definitely the way to go for the weight savings. Also look at the wood/carbon composites. Love my Black Magic kayak paddle.

See you on the water,