Bent shaft paddle for fishing?

I recently purrchased a Jackson Cuda12 and I am finding out that I prefer the seat in the high position much more than the low. With that said, my BB Pro Angler is 230cm, which was perfect for my sit-in Dirigo and with the seat in the low position on the Cuda. So I am looking at 250cm paddles, and I am curious as to efficacy of a bent shaft paddle for fishing. Most, if not all, “fishing” paddles seem to be straight shaft. Any input is appreciated…



Bent paddles
I am not sure. Bent paddles are usually,preferred because some folks find them more efficient for longer trips. That does not seem particularly relevant to fishing. Bent paddles are often shorter than the equivalent straight paddle. That might be a real advantage as I find that paddles getting in the way can be an issue while fishing - particularly fly fishing. I am not sure I see a significant difference.