Bent shaft paddles.

Although I never intend to be a racer, Baldpaddler has me interested (again) in a bent shaft paddle.I had a 54" which was apparently 4" too long for me. I loved his Zaveral but they are a tad pricey. What others would you recommend?

Bent Shaft Canoe Paddles
in wood try Gillespie and Foxx. Gillespie has the best blade and knob shapes. Very comfortable and best entry of any paddle.

Foxx is the new incarnation of the old Camp Paddle works. Nice light paddles and very affordable.

Zaverals are not that expensive. A great dependable ultra-light paddle for less than most folks spend on comfort options in their cars. Less than some folks spend on wine for a single party. Though more than Charlie spends at the barber shop, they are worth every cent on a long days paddle. About two trips to the chiropractor.


Sawyer wood paddles
are nice, light weight and affordable. They make a bent shaft and a compound bent shaft. I prefer wood to carbon and have several Sawyers.

bent paddles
Foxx paddles [Camp Paddles], good price lite weight. Bending Branches, heavier but still good blades.


Grey Owl
While not terribly tough, there sprite model is light and reasonably priced. Well balanced, too.

I have been quite happy with
my Bending Branches Special bentshaft (I actually own 2). I find that the rockguard tips actually hold up quite well and I like the pear grip. Not the lightest around, but not the heaviest either… And all at a pretty reasonable price for a nice wooden paddle.

I too have two Bending Branches (BB-Special) bent shafts and love them. I guess there may be lighter wood paddles out there, but these are VERY light and extremely comfortable. I’m very happy with them.

Grey Owl Sprite
I have one and agree with mrcanoehead. It is light and well balanced and I split mine through the center while racing with it.

As long as you don’t try to do too much with it, I think it’s a great paddle for the money.

Cheap bent Shaft
Mohawk makes a cheap bent shaft paddle that will let you try one at a very low price. I have an old Madriver Canoe wood bent shaft that I like a lot. It cost $65 a long long time ago.

Zaveral has recreational bent shaft factory seconds that weigh a whopping 11 or 15 ounces for about $140.

Really Really high end canoe paddles can cost $200 to $300 and Kayak paddles are usually double that price.

I think the Mohawk is a great combination of price, good design and bulletproof construction, but I’m hoping to try out a Zaveral paddle soon.

Come on string…
your wife has sewing needles that probably cost as much as a Zaveral. I have one for my new canoe 10 oz.with the pear carbon grip. I like it because of the grip,and weight. Although the weight can be a problem,as they are so light. I had mine smack me in the chest when the wind whipped it out of my hand on a switch over.Great for all day touring.

Happy Paddling billinpa

To be fair, Bill, she has approved
the pistol purchase, I’m sure she wouldn’t fuss about the paddle,but then there is the lightweight tent …

These things seem to happen after Jocassee Rendezvous. Baldpaddler hands me the Zaveral while we’re cruising and it was almost effortless to use.

Hey String…
I had two Zaveral bent shafts in the back of my truck along with two slightly heavier Black Barts the other day.

I highly recommend paying higher and getting one. With your boat, that is the only way to go.

Light as a feather, less wear and tear, and nothing is as pretty as a person paddling solo sit and awitch.

By the way I’ll swap you my Wenonah 19 pound J-191 for your Voyager, and I’ll even throw in a 80 pound OT Disco.



Zav Seconds
they’re lighter than air so you weigh less if you use one!

Seriously I’ve never seen anything that comes close.

i second the second
get a zav second with a carbon handle. you can order it uncut and trim it down to size as needed. factory second rec. blade. can’t beat it, although i do like gillespie outrigger paddles, even for traditional canoe paddling.

Jack, what is a J whatever?And why
would I trade a boat that :1 - I like; 2- experienced canoeists are salivating over?

A J is nothing more …
then ending up your stroke with a slight curve outward, which will act like a rudder to keep you going straight.

It can be done subtly with each stroke, or more pronounced after several strokes.

You should trade your boat to me because I fell in love with it. End of statement.

But I guess Bald Paddler would end up wanting to kill me so he would end up with it.



Pistol purchase??
Dwight’s gators getting bad a Jocassee? Trying to keep us Yanks off the lake?? Road rage getting bad in Greenville?? LOL

Happy Paddling billinpa

I did not want to paddle your boat over the weekend even though you offered a couple of times. I told you than I was afraid that I might fall out and the water was cold. The real reason has more to do with how much I liked it. I have looked at the Wenoah site twice today.

Jack, I wonder if they would make us a deal on two?, LOL

Happy Paddling,


is any of the myrid designs of marathon racing canoes that meet USCA standards. They are some

time called diamond boats due to their diamond shape. The effect is a boat a little slimmer then a kayak, with a s flair behind the paddler bringing the boat out to the 14.375% wideth at the 4 inch waterline. Depending on the design some kayaks look like barges in comparision!

If you’re not going to race,
you might also try a solid cherry beavertail paddle. They are very light weight, although not as light as the hi-tech stuff, and they have a unique flex to them. The flex needs to be experienced to be understood, as it strengthens the paddling power while actually making it less work for the paddler. It’s also easier on the body joints overall.

Some are made by Grey Owl, American Traders, Kettlewellpaddles, Turtlepaddle, and others. My wooden bent shaft feels like a log after using my cherry beavertail paddle. Good luck!