bent shaft pdle float rescue-& Day hatch

Has anyone had problems with a bent shaft paddle float reentry and a boat with a day hatch? Seems on my boat that the shaft will need to go right over the day hatch cover and then back through deck lines. I tried a reentry with my whitewater bent shaft paddle and had a hard time getting the blade under the deck rigging. I’d like to get a bent shaft touring paddle, but wondering if there’s any disadvantage.

Paddle Float reentry
I have had issues with the paddle float re entry as of late.

You may just have to loosen up the rigging on your back deck.

I just clamber over the back deck in perfect conditions (you know, the ones that knock you over) or do a re entry roll. That works in the worst conditions.

Loosening the rigging on your rear deck should do it . The Lendal paddles are tough as hell and should take the weight. I prefer straight shafts.

I had to do this
I had to loosen my deck rigging when I bought a bent shaft AT paddle. I had already been told by an experienced guide that most deck rigging on boats is way too tight. If you’ve capsized and have your eyes full of salt water, you need to be able to wave your arm around behind your back and get ahold of your boat on the first try, not fight to get your fingers under neurotically tight deck lines. I’m pretty sure he meant mine. Anyway, they’re looser now and the paddle goes under OK.

no webbing needed
When I first learned to do a paddle float re-entry, I learned that I was supposed to not slip the paddle under webbing/straps, but instead put my body weight on the paddle blade on my rear deck. This method works just fine, and may help you with this issue (as you have more places you can lace he paddle).

Better technique, but
but what if you want to leave your paddle & float in place after you get in as an outrigger while you get your breath, pump out the boat or whatever? It would be nice to have the option to put the paddle under the deck rigging if one arm is injured, also.

interesting point
Hasn’t been an issue yet, but that would be good to keep in mind.