Berkely Gulp?

So I have way too much plastic bait already in the tackle box and I really don’t need any more sitting around. (Now the good news is that bass season finally opened here last weekend so it will start getting used up really quick) But …

I was in the fishing store last night and the guys were going on about the new Berkely Gulp baits that come in the little buckets with the brine and I was really tempted. So I’m wondering if who else has tried them and what sort of results you got?




Don’t use them, but the saltwater
guys swear by Gulp.

I’ve heard good reviews
I bought some but haven’t used it yet.

I’ve heard good reviews from folks who are very picky about their baits.

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You do need to keep them in the liquid
when not in use. The dry up and are unusable if you don’t.

The little jar work good.
I use the little salmon egg size jars that have what looks like earth worms or maggots. They work much better than live bait.

gulp maggots
i use the maggots (green char.), white. and lt. brown also the small worms work great for smallies , and other sunfish as an attractant with a piece of worm

They really work! Just tried them on the
4th. A lot easier to deal with than live bait.

In salt
they’re a staple.

however, the buckets will leak. And, according to a rep from Berkley, once you open the bags, you must freeze them to preserve them. Otherwise the smell gets bad and they become nothing buy catfish bait.

Otherwise, they work VERY well in most salt situations. As for using in fresh, tried em. (i’m primarily a salty)

Only bait you need
I hate when any company has a monopoly on a product but those damm gulps are the only bait you need to catch any species anywhere. All the best flounder and striper fishermen in S Jersey use them.

I went down to Topsail Island North carolina last fall and brought 12 packs with me. My wife and I wet out in are Hobie kayaks and proceeded to slam giant redfish one after another in front of all the locals fishing live mullet. Not one of them caught a thing. After all the boats ran over and took our spot awaty from us I moved down bay and proceeded to catch keeper flounder one after another. The locals werent using gulps and had never heard of them even though the local tackle ahop had a great selection. Im sure they use them now. That night I launched under a local bridge and slammed seat trout until 2 am. All fish caught on the same gulp shrimp and bucktails.

Berkely Gulp - for Large Mouth
OK, it looks like I’ll have to try them out. I only get Saturday to fish this weekend, but it’s supposed to be 30 C, which generally makes for good large mouth fishing up here anyway.

Which type/color should i get?
Im heading down to Ocracoke NC in early August. Any suggesstions? Im not a very experienced salt water fisherman. I plan on doing some surf fishing and i might try fishing from my Yak in the sound. I dont even know what type of fish I would be catching. Is this a good time of year for a particular species?

Drop by a bait shop there
The local shop will have the best knowledge. OBX bait shops are good about sharing current info rather than telling you that what they have the most of is what you want.

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Northern Ontario
I love using gulps, no live bait to worry about, plus I can usually outfish the live bait guys on any day! GULP is a great product for walley, Bass, and I love the maggots/eggs for trout ice fishing!

Have a couple of buddies that started using them in the local river and have been consistently catching smallmouths in the 18-22" range.

Using a panther martin spinner with a tiny curly tail grub I get maybe 3, 17/18" smallies a summer. I’m going to give it a try

well I finally got the Gulp …
Now I need to go fishing!

The good news is that I start vacation tonight - 2 weeks to be split between the cottage and a canoe trip in Temagami.

I’m starting with the 5" black leeches.

Gulp Results
Well the results were mixed. If the fish were biting, then the Gulp worked and generally brought in fair sized fish. On the other hand if nothing was biting the Gulp didn’t magically make fish appear.

It was a cool, wet summer up here and the bass fishing was really slow. Highs of 21-23 C and lows in the low teens just don’t make for super active bass. The last couple of weeks have been better with temps in the high 20’s and the fishing has been better overall.

One thing I didn’t like was that the Gulp didn’t last long. It was so soft that you would lose it within a dozen casts or so. That meant that being able to “recharge” it in the liquid didn’t really have any advantage.



Dry out
Dont ever leave one on a hook to dry out. You will have to cut it off. i have used the brown grubs on bass and they worked well. I have yet to catch anything on the white shad style. Probably could have worked yesterday on stripers but they would have hit on anything. Took 10 on Rapala SSR9 silver/black.

Thanks for the heads up on freezing them.

use them
I use them every now and then in salt water. I’m an NC fisherman and I know a lot of people who use it here. I fish the Swansboro area and have fished at Fort Fisher. I go with group that fishes all around here. The Gulp baits seem to do a little better than just a plastic bait, but where I fish, live mullet minnows will do much better. it is much easier to use the Gulp baits than to try to catch live bait, but I know the live bait is better. Havn’t tried the bucket baits yet. Don’t go quite enouigh to justify the cost.