Berkley Gulp

Tried this for first time, using the drop shot method. I got hammered by a 3 lb Large mouth bass and another one about 4 lb. I must say that it seems to work well or I just happened to get two hungry fish.

gulp !!!
I tried some of the lime green maggots and am very impressed! this stuff is the salvation for anglers the worldwide(until the next miracle product comes out) its a little more convenient than live bait. I read a report that some magazine editor actually ate some just to prove it was all natural!!! not this boy.!!

Let I think we’ll let mikey eat it

I also caught several smallies this weekend on a chartuese minnow w/ the wiggle tail.

What is this? Freeze dried live bait or something? I must have missed it. Sounds interesting.

It’s a alternative to plastics. Looks and feels like plastic but is biodegradeable. Comes in all shapes and sizes and scented.