Best 2-3 person tent for NDK hatch

1 big person (6’4 200#) & a normal sized woman will be in the tent. need to find a sized tent that will go in the hatch. Thanks

you remove the poles and choose a ‘correct’ sized stuff bag most any backpacker style tent will work.


most anything
The smaller hatches of a British style boat may limit you some, but most any backpacking tent that fits you should work.

Their are tricks to making it easier, such as packing tent and poles separately (then the tent is much more flexible, so can fit in odd shapes places). If that doesn’t work, you can pack rain fly separate from tent, to make 2 smaller bags rather than 1 larger.

Tents are easy
Definitely, break-up the pieces (don’t pack all the tent parts in one stuff sack).

You can also pack the tent body into the kayak without a stuff sack.

The hardest thing to pack is the sleeping bag since it’s one big, bulky thing that you really want to keep dry.

Thanks for the good input
kinda figured that was the case. I just know those round hatches can be limiting

For sleeping bags
I love the Outdoor Research Hydroseal DryComp Sacks™ for packing sleeping bags and other gear that you really need to keep dry. Their compression bags squish a down sleeping bag down to the size of a loaf of bread, easily fitting through even small British hatches, and the roll-top seal keeps everything dry.

Here are some more tips for packing your boat for camping:

Have a good trip!


As Flatpick says

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Carry the poles separate from the tent and ground barrier, no problem. Our tent is a fairly generous 2-3 person one - wanted something that we could sit in comfortably if we got socked in by weather - and it goes into my Explorer LV fine that way. And at least compression caps for the sleeping bags.

Also a big over the shoulder bag laying on top of it all to put all the little 2 liter bags into to carry them from boat to the campsite.

tents ???

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hi there a price range for your budget? only 1 kayak being used ? lots of tents from cheap to big $$$ available .more info u can give , maybe we can help with better suited suggestions...have you tried the nearest bass pro or cabela's or gander mt. store or EMS store ? how soon do u need it ? I have the Cabela's XPG ultralite 1-person tent w/fly ..very small. available as a 2-person also on their web site. warning ! "Vestibule and "gear loft" are basically non-existent! shoddy advertising. web sites below is just to give you a idea of whats on the market.

it’s a brit boat…fleece bag, emergency bivy, single malt island scotch.

packed for camping.

Compression sacks
I -do- know about those! I don’t have one yet. I also use a poly bag that doesn’t compress as well as down does.