Best 220cm Bent Shaft Paddle

What’s your 2 cents on the best 2 pc, 220cm bent shaft paddle under $400… GO!

Under $400? A used Kalliste… :sunglasses:
I traded my Epic wing for mine…

For me, at 6’ 0" with my fitness level, paddling style and my kayak, a Werner Cyprus 210cm bent shaft.

For you?

Under $400? That rules out Werner carbon fiber like the Kalliste/Cyprus/Ikelos. Definitely rules out Lendal.

Werner Premium (fiberglass) Camano/Shuna/Corywrecken would fit that price. Finding them might be tricky at this time of pandemic.

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Best is subjective. Under $400 you should be able to get just about whatever paddle you want, IF you’re willing to wait and buy used. I got a bent-shaft carbon Werner Cyprus for around $200 used in great condition, but it took me about six months of watching local sites and eBay. That was OK since I already had a paddle I could use while I waited. But now I like my carbon GP the best. If you have paddling friends see if you can try out their paddles to get a sense of what works best for you before buying.

Held a Bent Kastile today at a local shop… Canadian price tag was just over $600 (eeek!).
Was awesome though… super light.
I am 6’1”, have a Dagger Stratos at 25” wide and I’m a 65/35 low angle/high angle paddler.
I have a Camano fg, and a Carbon AB Stingray.
Looking for that perfect blade with a tad more bite then the Camano, but still good for going out for 3+ hrs without feeling it’s too much blade.