Best adhesive for minicell thigh pads ??

What is best for attaching minicell foam pads to vinylester carbon and FG hulls???

I tried some green label contact cement and failed on first voyage

4200 fast cure…
…scuff the area with a green scotchbrite…tack rag it…wipe with lacquer thinner…let dry…glue.

DAP Weldwood contact ceement
in de “RED” can.


dap weldwood contact cement
for minicell.

Brian Nystrom soo has this area covered on his webshots account:

Yup. RED can
Used some more just yesterday.

Barge Cement
Easy spreading, Extremely flexible, waterproof. I use it on all of my foam to kayak jobs. roto mold, glass it doesn’t matter.

Be careful about the “red can” stuff
DAP Weldwood Contact Cement is indeed the overwhelming favorite and does a good job. It comes in a red and black can. But DAP also makes a 2 part Resorcinol Glue (itself excellent stuff) which also goes by the name Weldwood and comes in a red and blue can (actually 2 red and blue cans), but it’s not what you want for minicell. Make sure that the cement you buy says “Danger! Flammable Liquid”.

Use 3 coats of glue on the minicell (you might get by with two but why gamble). Two coats might be enough on the hull, but I usually use three. Minicell drinks up the first coat pretty quickly, and if you only use one, the bond will probably fail.

Weldwood now makes a Gel in the red can
It doesn’t soak in like the regular stuff. But I still use two coats anyway. Seems like the new “gel” stuff is an improvement for minicell work. Mine isn’t time tested yet though.

I’ve had good luck
with 3M 77 in the spray can. Sea Kayak Ga. recommended it and it has held up very well

minicell glue
I’ll second Barge Cement, works very well. Home Depot stocks it btw.

Bill H.

Seal Cement and then…

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...4200 around the edges (after seal cement has cured, apply 4200 around the edges of the foam as if it where a caulking). This has kept my carefully sculped knee and hip pads secured without coming loose at all for years. Just had to redo on edge with 4200 a week or so ago after 4 years and quite a bit of use. Good luck.

totally helpful thank you all
wow, learned some really great stuff here, even after all these years. thanks : > )