Best aftermarket rudder/foot brace?

Thinking about converting my QCC from skeg to rudder. May drop a new seat in it as well.

Two best looking one stop options so far are:

Patrick’s (ONNO) carbon rudder and foot brace combo - and maybe seat.


OZO pedals and a Kengineering rudder - and maybe a “Bumfortable” seat.

Still also considering a small under-stern - but no point going to crazy/custom without a major cockpit/coaming modification, and I’m not up for that (new kayak time at that point).

Comments on these and any other options out there (except SealLine) are appreciated.

even though I prefer the OZO’s to the SmartTracks, if you are doing a full conversion go with Patrick’s set-up. The full footboard is always better.

Ref. the rudder, it depends what you are going to be using it for, I’ll send you an e-mail with some thoughts.

The seat, again depends what the intended use is, I don’t use backrests so I really like a sliding K-1 pan seat. They keep the COG low, adjust easily, are lighweight and will allow great rotation.


The understern will be better for
yanking the back of the boat around to set up for bump riding. Stern rudder for directional control. Before the big move, had this understern kit all drawn up and ready to go ( among other things : ) but no time to do it right now in the middle of the warm season … will hafta’ wait till things slow down a bit.

Just took some new photos of current EFT/T-bolt set ups … a little different than shown on website. The solid carbon adapter tabs have more (plys of) carbon in them. Will get them up this week.

Greyak, IMO sounds like you are looking for a new boat … all this stuff will make your regular kayaks ergonomically feel like a ski but … you know the rest in your heart : )

You’re right Pat, but the boat I want…
… exists as little more than notes and napkin sketches right now.

I’m thinking I can play with hardware setup on the 700 as stage 2 of the “prototyping” begun with the SOF - but that is also time and money spent that could go into a build…

I’m not sure I want to attempt a strip build outdoors in S FL heat/humidity. Asking for trouble with both wood and epoxy, no? Maybe foam strips…