Best beginner canoe?

after your edit
and adding more canoes to the list, I’m glad to see you’re picking up that MRE. A few people I know with them.

TommyC1 (set up for sailing as well.

Marshall (I think his canoes gone around the world ;-))

Robin (Canada tripper type)

Riverstrider (general boat conneuseur)

Good boat owned by knowledgable paddlers.

Group to paddle with
Your profile mentions paddling on the Chipola River, in Florida. If you are interested in a real nice group of folks to paddle with check out the West Florida Canoe and Kayak Club. We meet in Pensacola, but I know we have at least one member from the Marianna area.


I misunderstood
and thought you were talking about the seat frames. Everything Pblanc said about your gunwales is correct. No worries if you are even moderately handy.

You will be happy.
Those Mad Rivers are really worth it. You are going to miss out on the underperfomance aspect of many beginners. You never will know how good you have it. You will never regret spending the few more dollars. Congratulations.

thanks. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks for all your help. i’m the proud new owner of a MR!!

You Gotta…
…post a trip report and a few pics when you take it out, now! Congrats! WW

sure thing
i definitely will. once i oil it up and make it look nice i’ll post pictures. :slight_smile: