Best bilge pump?

I’ve searched the archive and can’t find a recent post on this topic …

I’ve never used my bilge pump except during rescue practices but it’s the same pump I bought when I first started kayaking (blue and yellow Seattle Sports). It does the job reasonably well but it’s not the easiest to pump, it doesn’t pump a large volume of water with each stroke, and it wears me out pretty quickly (sitting in a boat is not the most effective position for pumping anyway).

I’m wishing for the best bilge pump - easy to pump with large volumes of water per stroke - but realize I will probably have to compromise.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Beckson Thirsty mate
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this was the standard of the sport but now kayak shops sell Chinese low volume ones with small openings. You can buy direct from Beckson or do a search etc.

for me;
Aquabound Bilge Master, something with a stainless shaft. I haven’t had much luck with composite/plastic style shafts. Sand causes them to seize, then the t-handle gives.

new seattle sports model

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The 2009 model Seattle Sports Super Deluxe model improves on the one Jay had.
It has an 8 gallon per minute vs 6 gpm. Strong wide aluminum shaft and strong handle.

I find that in Ocean situations for me, these hand held units are not great, as require about 10 minutes if using a wet reentry solo recovery and in view of repeated capsizes during emergency situations I have gone to a Whale one hand operated pump on one boat and a Rapidrunner Electric Bilge on the other.

I am in the minority here on this, most east and west coasters don't feel the advantages of these systems are worth it, although in New Zealand there a majority of folks with these systems. So, no accounting for individual taste I expect.

The one operated by my foot. A bit of trouble to install and worth every second!

I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.
it is a Harmony by Perception (not sure if they still even make them), but it has the large discharge, (looks to be about a inch and a half dia.), and discharges on the push pull

It is rated at 6.5 strokes per gallon discharge.

I once posted on here that I could empty my QCC during self rescue practice in just a few minutes and was taken to task for it by a few doubting thomases, but that is all it takes, and hardly no work at all.

I can only assume that you have one of the pumps with just a samll (about 3/4") discharge.



I’m with endomorphic spawn.

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for me;
Posted by: fatkid on May-22-09 10:41 AM (EST)
Aquabound Bilge Master, something with a stainless shaft.

my big feet
great. I wish I didn’t have such big feet. I could not get that one to work without massive calf cramps.

Jack you are right on
Jack, yes, right on. A friend has one, the 2009 Harmony model has 30% more volume.

I don’t recommend a hand held bilge
pump. If you really need one chances are that you will need to keep your hands on the paddle.

Further reading at

if you get a handheld the best hands down is the beckson. I have owned several and none compare.


nice instructions, gnarlyd.

unless they’ve gone to a metal shaft
they are still second rate. Aqua-Bounds or Feathercrafts stainless shaft puts 'em to shame, saw a few Becksons returned in the years I sold 'em with broken/dismembered fiber shafts. Thought that was kinda cheap manufacturing if you ask me.

maybe in the world of fiber shafted
pumps… but I’ll take a stainless shafted Aqua-bound or Feathercraft any day over a fiber shafted Beckson. My Feathercraft pump out pumps the Beckson on top of having a superior metal shaft. Beckson looks cheaply made in comparison to the Aquabound or Feathercraft.