best book on paddle making

I am a lowlife no good pondscum sit and switch paddler. I am thinking of making a few paddles this winter for kids I coach on paddling. What book should I ask Santa for? Please keep in mind I grew up in 60’s so don’t have very many braincells left.



First, you’ve got to…
…get a whole boat (one with a deck), and then you’ll be ready for a whole paddle (one with two blades). Once you’ve got these basics sorted out, you can then get Brian Nystrom’s “Greenland Paddles–Step by Step”. :slight_smile:


PS: Sorry, couldn’t help myself! :wink: I’m sure some half-boat/half-paddle user will chime in with something more half-useful.

“Paddling making for dummies” ?
there is one for all other dummies, so they must have one for paddle making.



I have good looking
legs and knees so I don’t need no stinking deck!

(with apologize to Charlie Wilson on the origins of decked canoes/ kayaks )

There’s this book:
Canoe Paddles: A complete guide to making your own

by Graham Warren and David Gidmark, Firefly Books, 2001.

For Greenland-style kayak paddles, Brian Nystrom’s book is a slam dunk.

Ginger in NC

What Gingernc said
Warren & Gidmark.


I also have the Warren/Gidmark book
Although I don’t paddle canoes or make canoe paddles, I still found it very interesting and informative. If you’re into the one-blade thing, I’d say it’s a must-read.

Bent shaft I assume?
The book mentioned is a very good book for canoe paddles and you should pick that one up.

There is a section in the book on bent shaft paddles as well. It is a lot of fun. I’ve been building Greenland paddles and selling them for several years now and just started doing canoe paddles last year.

How many paddles are you making for the kids? Private message me if you need help along the way.

Cheers…Joe O’