Best brand flush mounted rod holders?

I want to put a flush mounted rod holder on the dashboard of my Old Town Dirigo 120. What brand should I get, and how do I install it?


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Look at #10 in the "How To" list. It gives instructions on how to install a flush mount rod holder. The folks at ACK are super nice & helpful. Send them an email and they will hook you up.

Cool thanks
Actually now that I look at it I think I’m looking for something different. You know the rear mounted dual holes on either side behind the cockpit for putting your rod in? I want to put one of those on the dash rather than a Scotty. I feel like that would be easier to quickly plop my pole into when I need to paddle wouldn’t it?

Which do you think is better
Ack’s or Dicks’?

Just email or call them and they will give you all the help you need. They also email 10% off coupons every month. Kayak fishing is their specialty, so they have the knowledge to help you figure out what you need and how to put it on your boat.

Cool thanks
One last thing - it says the model on Acks website does not come w hardware included. This Dicks model made by Yak Gear does and has free shipping, is it going to be as good of quality as the Ack model? Also, what kind of equipment do I need to cut the hole in my kayak? Thanks.

Do I need a special drill or drill bit
To install that

Did you…
…look at the link that Raftergirl posted?

That, and the videos that ACK provides on their flush mount rod holder page, should tell you everything you need to know about installation.

Keep in mind that these flush mount holders are meant to be installed on a FLAT area of your kayak so first you need to be absolutely sure where you’ll mount it before you drill.

In their first link, ACK suggests a spade bit to drill a starter hole so that a jigsaw can then be used to cut the final hole to size. You could easily make that second cut with a small hand saw if you were careful. On the videos they use a 2 1/2" hole saw, which is probably the easiest method.

Then you’ll need a small bit for either the rivets or nuts and bolts that you’ll use to secure the holder.

Stainless steel rivets (you’ll need a rivet gun to install them) or SS nuts and bolts are inexpensive and available from your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. I’d go with nuts and bolts as long as you can access the holes from below to tighten them up. Otherwise you’ll have to go with rivets.

I guess you can tell that most here aren’t big fans of big box stores like Dick’s!

Flush mount in front?
Wait! You want to put a flushmount rod holder in front of you? You do realize that it will hang down and obstruct your leg movement.