Best campsites for Pictured Rocks tour?

Planning a trip up north end of Sept,gonna have a couple days to tour the Pictured Rocks Natl Seashore on way to the Gales Storm Gathering in Wawa, Ont…I would like to know what campground gives the best day paddling accesses to the area??? thanks

Last year I visited Picture Rocks
or maybe it was the year before. The area had just gotten hit badly with windstorms and trees were down everywhere.

Yet I did get to wander around Hurricane River Campground. Its got Lake Superior Access. I remember driving by the Little Beaver Lake Campground…its not very close to the shore of LS but rather in the middle of some wonderful dunes.

The third seems to be awfully high up…I did not visit it


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Are you looking to camp along Pictured Rocks or just for a night? Any of the traditional sites along Pictured rocks are great, I can speak first person for Mosquito, Chapel, and Beaver Creek.

If you are just looking for a night, park and launch at Sand Point and paddle over grand island to Trout and Murray Bay's for the night. There is also a really cool site on the southern shore of Grand Island on the East channel.

No charge for the short paddle and camping on Grand Island. Murray Bay is best for paddling the west shore of Grand Island and Trout Bay would be a decent spot to day paddle Pictured Rocks.

Thanks for the info. Looks like im probably camping at Hurricane River C.G., then just day paddle area even though I may have to drive west a bit to take in the western areas of Pictured Rocks. Im not going to kayak camp this trip.

Emanoh,you ever paddle with the Bradstreet kayakers in N.E. Ohio??

Yep, I have paddled with a few and subscribe to their yahoo group. There are always a few who come out to our South Bass Island kayak rendezvous (OH). Try to keep up with happenings along the north shore of Lake Erie.