best canoe cart?

hey there!

lookin for the BEST canoe cart available…meaning strong, durable, lightweight, able to be stowed away while canoeing, able to handle sandy beaches as well as rugged terrain…

anybody got anything great?



Paddleboy Fat Boy
Hands down the most versatile, user-friendly paddle cart made, IMHO. I used it for our 20’, 100lb Boreal Esperantos; with the Fat Boy I could bring the kayaks up from the water, wash them, and put them on the boatracks, all by myself.

Things I like about it:

-It’s an end cart, fits over the bow or stern in seconds, so you don’t have to mess with straps. Also, in my experience, end-carts are much easier to pull over sandy, hilly and/or rough terrain.

-It’s height-adjustable in a matter of seconds, with the same type of spring-loaded button used on paddles. You can shorten it to use with a kayak or lengthen it to use with a canoe.

-It has fat, air-filled tires (hence the name) which handle sand & rough ground much better than the smaller, solid wheels. The tires have valves, so you can inflate them for hard ground or deflate them for sand. I installed a a mini-bicycle pump on the outside of one of the upright tubes, so it’s always handy.

-The end-cart design makes it easy to put on when the boat is fully or partially floating. This is a back-saver because you don’t have to lift the boat to put the cart on.

-The cart folds easily for storage, and the wheels are held on with cotterpins, which makes them easy & fast to remove and install.

The Fat Boy retails for about $150 and is worth every penny. I’ve had mine for 6 years and have never had to do a thing to it except wash it if it had been in saltwater.

Paddle Logic
May also wish to check out Paddle Logic Trail Trekker.

Good web site description with video. Versatile, fast assembly/dissasembly.

Worth a look. I luv mine.

The worst
The original Paddle Boy. Collapses, marks your kayak.

I use a C-Tug. The pneumatic wheels are excellent. The unit can be taken apart in seconds to store in a hatch.

C tug but not in all sands
Some sand is too mushy for the C tug wheels. Then only the super balloon tire carts will do.

good for both large and small canoes
I’ve been happy with the paddleboy fat boy for many of the same reasons listed above. I put foam pipe insulation over the upright pieces on mine to prevent scratching gelcoat.

All-Terrain Boat Cart
I’ve been very happy with my InStep all terrain boat cart. It’s sold under other names, but it has a very durable frame and large air filled tires which folds down and fits in my canoes very easily.

I found mine on Craigslist, but LL Bean and Amazon carry them as well as others I’m sure.

paddle logic
hey everybody thanks for all the input!

i think i’ve decided on the Paddle Logic Trail Trekker…seriously, that video is great…looks like a real workhorse…

paddle on!


Same here
Agree looks good, I just got mine couple weeks ago for my heavy tandem yak.