best canoe for mission

Im looking for a canoe that is light, stable,will hold 3 people,but will be used for fishing for 1 90% of time and take normal abuse.I have an old town osprey 14’in mind, any other ideas ?

Osprey 140
I have an Osprey 140 with the rowing option and its great for two with paddles or one with a double paddle or oars. There was a bit of a learning curve but I can get it off and on my truck rack with out much trouble. It’s only 57 lbs but it’s 14 feet of 57 lbs.

It’s great for just me alone or with my nephew but I don’t know if it’s long enough for three. I’ve never tried it with more then two adults.

My use is on a small lakes and Garfield Bay on Lake Pend Oreille. Don’t think I’d be comfortable in it in a setting that was too much larger.

14’ sounds small for 3
Three people with gear and beer? I wouldn’t go under 16’. Yeah, it gets piggish for solo.


Are you looking for a boat from which 3 adults can fish?

Just a thought, check out the Old Town, “Ojibway”.

Canoe for three
a 14’ will be tight for 3, especially when casting. I’d look at a 16’ canoe. The Penobscot 16 or 17 with a center seat or the

We-no-nah Solo Plus.

best canoe for mission

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THANKS FOR THE REPLYS,MOST OF THE TIME CANOE WILL BE USED FOR FISHING,OTHER TIMES TO TAKE MY WIFE AND 9YEAR OLD DAUGHTER FOR A RIDE.I usually will be the only one in it,but would like the ability to take the whole family,I own a discovery 158 now which I am trying to sell,heavy boat to put on truck,but still very pleased with it,no one boat does it all,but for me something along the lines of the osprey is what Im looking for,stable light and in a jam good enough for 3 for the afternoon.looking foward to more replys thanks again

old towne discovery 146
I have an old towne discovery weighing in at 74 lbs which really nees 2 people to cartop without rollers, but I’ve found it perfect for fishing and paddiling around lakes, ponds, slow rivers. I have the plastic old town removable center seat which is durable and adds flexibility when u need a 3rd seat. I have found it plenty roomy for 3 adults, even while fishing. I also have the green canvas old town adjustible seat (fits anywhere in the canoe) for cases of a 4th person and it’s great…just give everybody a paddle! I have had no stability problems either.

I really like the flexibility of use and storage benefits of the 14’ 6" canoe.

It ain’t light…
but the Old Town Tripper will do everything else you want it to do. Flip it around and sit in the bow seat facing the stern, put two 5 gallon buckets of water next to the stern seat to trim the canoe and this thing will solo down a river like a dream.

Perfect for a fishing buddy to come along.

Perfect for the wife and two kids to come along.

Stable and tough as nails. Handles rough water like a hot knife through butter.

Old Town Osprey
Please see my review of this canoe. I haven’t changed my mind after three years.

I fish regularly with my wife and two kids in the canoe with no problem.

Three or more adults might get tight, look at the Osprey 16 as an option.

The rowing option provides a third seat and is a real godsend when you end up on the downwind end of a big lake.

sitting reversed in the front seat makes for very good solo paddling.

Enjoy whatever you decide on!