Best Cart for a Tandem?

I have a 70 pound Pamlico 135T and was wondering what is the best and most economical cart you guys would recommend for moving this thing around and to the lake from the parking lot? I know the old saying…you get what you pay for, but how about the best for the money cart out there? This new hobby really adds up fast! :wink:

Centerloader with bicycle wheels
unless your lake is a sand pit where you need balloon wheels.

Get the steel one. I have had mine three years and while I use it maybe twenty times a year its been good for me over rocks and down steps

In your case
any center cart will do. Just don’t go for end-carts. Probably $100 cart referenced above from Cabelas will do, and even $60 aluminum model will do. 70 lbs is a very light load for a cart and you’re only using it for short distances and on good terrains.

OTH, for somebody who wants to be able to carry the cart in a kayak, and/or to navigate difficult trails or soft sand or muddy tide pools, a different cart would work better.

…what Kayamedic said.