Best Cart for Sand?

I just bought a Cobra Expedition. I thought I could manhandle it off the top of our Grand Cherokee, but after a few yards I am tuckered out.

What’s the best cart for an 18 ft. SOT I can use for towing the boat from the parking lot thought soft sand? I will store it back in the truck when I am out paddling.

Thanks in advance.

Fat tires
Just about anything is going to suck into/drag through loose sand. That is why they fill the run-away truck ramps in the mountians with loose sand and gravel. The truck tires sink in it and hopefully slows 80,000# or more to a safe stop. Look for the widest balloon tires you can find and pull hard. I have a Wildwasser Atlantic Cart that pulls OK over sand but it’s still some work. I loaded the family picnic in the Loon yesterday, cooler, chairs, pop-up shade shelter, gas grill, etc, etc, etc, and pulled the whole works over sand to a spot along the lake beach. Dumped all of the junk, set them up, had a burger and excused myself. They swam and lounged with the crowd at the swim beach, and I took off paddling for some peace and quiet. :slight_smile:


Large Wheels
I have had great luck with my converted golf cart. Of the carts I have seen used, nothing beats my large wheels kayak cart for getting through the sand. Here’s a pic to give you an idea.


Possible cheap solution
A guy who launches from the same place I often use carries his surf boats on a cart built out of a large-wheeled running stroller (Babyjogger or similar) that he picked up cheap at a garage sale. It would take a little more adaptation for a long boat, but probably do-able.

Look at…
Rolleeze carts, they have models with balloon tires made just for the sand. I have a Tourer and am looking for a cart also. I had an Expedition for a brief time, its a terrific yak, and its an absolute featherweight next to the Tourer, will be getting another.

Definately agree with Roleez recommendation. They aren’t cheap, but of all the carts I have tried they work the best for sand by a good measure.

Roleez wheels
work great in the sand. I use Roleez beach wheels to move my Hobie cat around. The same size wheels are used for the kayak cart and they will NOT sink even in soft sand.

A set of beach wheel for my Hobie has 4 wheels and can move a 300# boat . So a set of 2 wheels will handle a 60# RM kayak with ease.

Only problem is that they are NOT small or compact.