best clothing setup for newb?

I have one post already asking about kayaks for a fat man cause I’m big. just under 6ft, 310lbs, 48" waist and 30" inseam.

I have no clothes for outdoor activities, so I’ll need to start acquiring some, but I don’t know where to start.

sorry my temps will be said in Celsius, but it’s all I know.

what would you recommend for an average day between 20 and 30 Celsius? that’s for undergarments, clothes, overgarments, windbreakers, etc. I have a ‘cotton’ hat, that I probably will ditch asap, for something that’s waterproof. I hate rain. :stuck_out_tongue:



You’re from BC,right? check out

for 20-30c temperatures. Depends.

My general rule-If i am paddling alone out somewhere that i can realistically go hypothermic and die before i get back into the boat(assuming i flip in rough conditions) or before i swim to shore, i wear my shorty 2.5mm wetsuit under my BARE long sleeve spf shirt and quick dry pants/shorts(walmart-fishing department, 24$ or so). Hat-i used to wear a cotton bucket hat till one nice day it got blown off my head and sank to the depths of howe sound in front of my eyes. doh. now i got a MEC Safari hat(like baseball cap with big flap to cover your neck,made of nylon.)

If just puttering around a lake,i just wear something that dries fast and protects me from sun.

I would think of a wetsuit, but…
…being how big I am currently, and the fact I intend on losing a lot of this weight I shouldn’t have, buying something like that wouldn’t be in my best interests. I’d rather grab some other cheaper gear that I could then discard when it becomes to big.

so really, I was just wondering what kind of things I would want to wear? I won’t be paddling alone, but the water and it being cold is a concern. I’m in Kamloops, BC…so only going on smaller flatwater lakes in the area. a lil cooler, because we have elevation (ie. 5500ft).

it will sound funny, but in some ways, I hate getting wet. I don’t like rain, because of that. I can accept that I may roll and I will get wet. I’ll deal with it when/if it happens. what concerns me more is having to hop out of the kayak when I can’t ground myself, and my feet/legs will get wet. the thought of that makes me frown right now, in fact! what kind of footwear would I want? what kind of shorts/pants/shirts should I wear (what kind of material should they be made of?)? do I need any sort of underclothing? I usually wear a cotton undershirt, no matter where I go, no matter what the weather is…I would feel ‘naked’ without an undershirt. what would I or should I replace that with so it’s conducive to keeping me warm or cool?

I think I will be buying some nice neoprene gloves being how badly the inside of my thumbs reacted to paddling. do I want neoprene booties or socks? what would I look for in a jacket?

do I wear the jacket over the PFD or under the PFD?

my mentality before was always to ‘hope in the boat and PADDLE’…but there is a lot more to it than that! LOL! as kids we would take my uncles canoe down the road to Shuswap Lake and just have fund paddling around…but not enough to learn any skill or technique. I just know I had lots of fun :smiley:

i started off wearing neoprene booties(MEC high rider i think) then realized that both of my boats are very limited in foot room and the booties hurt my foot especially if slightly bent. been happy ever after with neoprene socks (and sandals for walking,they come off when i get in the boat)

One serious word of caution for the future. if you really plan on learning to roll, be CAREFUL with the got a lot of weight to roll back up which can put BIG strain on your shoulders if you do it wrong.

My rule for paddling clothes-nylon or polyester fabrics. synthetics much better when wet than cotton.

PFD-here’s where your size may actually work out good. My recent attempt to find a cheap pfd that would reasonably well fit my mom(~5’7-140 or so) resulted in a fiasco because everething i found at generic stores was big enough to fit 2 of me in. walmart had this very decent looking one by Stearns,for 50 bucks.

Jackets. usually worn under the pfd,and vary a lot, from your 30$ generic rain packer jacket from walmart/canadian tire(fine for rain on recreational paddle) to the 100-150$ splash tops and semi dry tops to goretex drytops that can run up to 450$ or so.