Hey guys, just want to tell you about these dry bags I started using that work amazingly and allow me to take things with me on my paddling adventures. I had no idea about these until my friend showed me one and I absolutely never go out in the water without one. There’s a fee in the market and I got mine at

Surely you want to be an advertiser

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Your review is a bit..incomplete. They are the best...why?

They seem rather

Dry bags are hardly new. There are many brands that do not leak for a loong time. Some are good for years without developing delamination or pinholes.

I notice you don’t wear a PFD
on your paddling adventures but strap the dry bag in it’s place.


How about
you get yours elsewhere.

…I was thinking maybe he left some extra air in it? Otherwise, let’s see you swim with a backpack; CRAZY. I don’t think this person is actually USING the product he’s selling?

give him a break…
he found something he really likes and works well for him. Who hasn’t shared information like that before? Thanks Javier

he posted in muliple forums and Google
reveals that that line of drybags is only carried by that outfitter.

So I suspect spam, somebody who is trying to shortcut advertising fees by pretending to be a customer.

Yeah, this is a sneak advertiser
I wouldn’t be that nasty otherwise. He was in a couple of places here, I didn’t put an Alert on this one and it must have been missed. Other is gone.

I don’t have any faith in a business
that calls itself an “outfitter” and features a paddler wearing a dry bag on his back instead of a PFD.

Or a company which won’t list its address on its website or provide information where the product being sold is manufactured or even what it’s made of.

I guess I’m just picky about who I do business with.

Doing a WhoIs search generally turns up some information, such as the site in question started up three months ago and the owner lives in North Miami Beach, FL.

Neat idea…
When you strap the bag onto your back it will facilitate an underwater wildlife survey.

When you hit the water, the bag will float; you’ll go face down in the water and can immediately start your survey.

Cheaper than a quality pfd, and who needs a pfd?

A lot of pnet paddlers have stated they’ve never capsized any boat they’ve ever paddled.




Oh, Bob…
…you “Kill” me (LOL)!

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