First off…excuse the fact that I probably have a lot of typos here…just had eye surguery and still can’t really see that well…

Figured I would share this…not my idea but it is the best thing I have found for an eye glass retainer, especially for glasses that won’t really work with conventional keeper straps (like Oakleys that have a temple that will not fit into most keeper straps)

Take a conventional keeper strap (string type) and cut off the ends and replayce them with large fishing swevels…the kind with the snap locks at the end.

Then just drill a very small diameter hole in the temple of your glasses and fix the strap to your glasses with the snap sweivles.

Very comfortable and there is no way you will ever lose your glasses. Comes off easy and the hole is so small it’s not noticeable.

Again, it’s not my idea so you may have seen this before. It is new to me and works so well I wanted to share it here.


I use an old Jiffy Peanut Butter jar to
…store my glass eye.

I hope that helps.

sounds like a plan

Chums and H2O are both good…

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The CHUMS are better for WW, as they fit snugger... get the "Red Buoy" to keep them afloat if you drop them...


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I've done it, and I wouldn't have any other kind, but I must admit that my glasses came with the holes already predrilled.

Also, I use a substantial float on mine - just in case.