Best Fast Boat like CD Andromeda

From what I have read so far I like the Andromeda with light weight, narrow width, large cockpit to get knees up, skeg, and day hatch. Although it is advertised as a fast boat, many say it is not because of short water line length.

What is the the best fast boat with this design? Although I have not started yet, I am looking for a boat I can grow into instead of out of.

your size/weight matter
I’d go for the Caribou instead of the Andromeda. The Andromeda is kind of a squished Gulfstream,the Gulfstream works well too but morphed into a skinnier boat with more v like the Andromeda it loses desirable attributes faster than it gains others.

Eddyline Falcon 16
Very quick boat and nce cruiser. Fast for a 16ft boat and still pretty playful. I also like the Kajaksport Viking.

Gulfstream vs Caribou
In reading the reviews the Gulfstream is very much like the Caribou except the Gulfstream has a day hatch. This is important to me as here in SC the storms can pick up fast and often and I would want raingear and other stuff close at hand.

not even close
GS vs. 'bou


Don’t know your size…
… as the Bou is a tighter fit than the GS but still has lots of room to carry stuff in the cockpit… and it’s not that easy to get things out of a day hatch with a storm approaching.

The Bou loves wind and waves, but is lower in volume than the GS, so not as good for extended trips… All that I have asked have said they don’t like the deep vee hull of the Andromeda… GH

Caribou vs gulfstream
Caribou is faster harder to turn tracks better much less windage and weathercocking. At 230 I do not find this a nimble boat; for me it turns better on a inside lean. I find this true of most hard chine boats.

Gulfstream a bit slower. Much easier to dance in, weathercocks more, turns much easier (especiall with an outside lean in both boats). (Leaning towards the sweeping blade, rather than towards the inside of the turn.) Handles heavier and larger paddlers better, handles weight better. Roomier cockpit. Easier transition fron primary to secondary stability in beam seas.

The Caribou was originally designed as an open ocean race boat for races like the blackburn, a long time ago (as kayak design and racers skill evolution goes). Nobody would say that the gulfstream is designed like a race boat.

I’d like two of each please! They are both fun boats. Ans send me a composite t170 whil you are at it. Perhaps an epic 18 a q700 and a futura 2.

“day hatch” , storms
you’re going to be more challanged with wind/waves than the perceived advantage of having a rain jacket from a day hatch.

In fact getting anything out of a day hatch when you’re in challenging conditions is not recommended. Anything you need should be between your ears, on your pfd or accesible from the cockpit.

Like Flatpick says,Caribou and Gulfstream aren’t similar at all. Kind of like saying a Miata and BMW318I are similar.

I disagree but that is why horses

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race. Learn a behind the neck sculling for support stroke and grab it from your hatch in somewhat interesting conditions without hesitation!

Can't learn that, but are not paddling alone?

Raft up and give your underprepared buddy some serious water from your spare two liter pouch. Pull out duct tape or epoxy stick (ouch) and fix his boat. Party of three? raft up with one to stabilize, one to do minor first aid, (buterfly closures on that nasty cut fron a coaming) and one to get fixed.

Pull out that gps, big parachute flare, cell phone, radio, ginger tea, real first aid kit, etc etc. That stuff is usually in my day hatch on the ocean, and organized so that I am capable of pulling most of it, and it is easy to have a buddy pull it if I am not solo.

Organize a day hatch right and you can do all of these things. After a mere four years of paddling I have done (or have had done to me) everything mentioned except boat repair.

Pop your skirt in conditions in which someone who has done some practice will not not pop a day hatch? Better think twice. If the integrity of a cockpit is violated in nasty nasty stuff it's very very bad! Integrity of day hatch violated? Potential $800 dollar yard sale for me, and not the best thing for the boats maneuverability but I'm paddling and not water logged. Ever try to surf with a full cockpit? No fun at all, doable by those with better skills than me though.

I really like day hatches but it takes some skill to use them when life gets rough! Skills can be learned even by uncoordinated folks like me. It just takes longer!


I absolutely agree with leeg on this account, if you are dressed for immersion you don't need no raingear.

The P&H Sirius is the original of which the Andromeda is Hutchinson’s version for CD.

Sirius is very sweet fast boat.

I agee about the sirius
but it is too tippy for most beginners. If it works for them it is a fun fast boat.