Best female Kayak

I know this question has been asked a few times but after reading through them they do not answer exactly what I am wanting to know. I am a small framed female and I want a light Kayak (30-50 pounds top) that also has enough room in it for my 60 pound husky to ride with me. I am a beginner and have been looking at kayaks similar to the Perception Tribute and the Dagger Alchemy. I am using them for whitewaters and would love any suggestions!

Thanks in advanced!

Are you a troll?
Seriously. There have been plenty of threads about kayaks for small paddlers. That is not a virgin topic here.

But whitewater and a 60 pound dog in a kayak is just plain absurd. Either you are that uninformed - and if so please say - or this is a troll post.

It is difficult to tell them apart
Sexing kayaks is especially hard when they have retractable skegs.

Some options, but

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for WW with a dog that size I wouldn't recommend it.

For a general flatwater and estuary rec boat, considering stability, weight and carrying capacity, the Eddyline Sandpiper is first class and probably as good as it gets for what you want. But it isn't one I'd recommend beating up in WW. If you want something you can beat up scraping and sliding over rocks, try a Pungo 120. But it's heavier than your specs.

BTW, neither the Alchemy nor the Tribute are what one would normally consider "whitewater" kayaks. They are more touring kayaks. But some very skilled folks do paddle touring kayaks in whitewater.

It depends
Is the dog male, or female?

maybe something like this…

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It's an inflatable; meets your weight needs and is designed for WW, is also stable. Not great for flatwater (see the associated Strike for a boat that is a bit more of a crossover -- between ww & flat).

Canoes are better for paddling with a dog, especially one that large.

I too, question why anyone would take a dog on whitewater. Do you understand what whitewater means?

ww dogs…

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...are fairly common on inflatable rafts and drift boats (around here anyway) -- they usually have PFDs. Which is not to say I have seen dogs in inflatable kayaks, but if the OP is talking about occasional class II, I think it could be okay.
Just a few weeks ago, I was talking with my chiropractor who remarked on a dog of hers that coud catch eddies, peel out, and who understood ferry angles when swimming -- pretty amazing! (or maybe my chiro was projecting)

other sit on tops

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are designed for some whitewater, though I would not push it, especially with a dog.
The reason I say "other" sit on tops is that technically, inflatable WW kayaks are a type of sit-on-top.
For example, Liquid Logic has a Coupe and a Duece Coupe -- being bigger (2-person), the Duece would have more room for a dog -- HOWEVER, these are heavy and well outside your specified range.
I still think an inflatable might be best (and like I said for easy WW?).

If you don't have WW experience already, get some training or go with folks who have experience, can show you the ropes, and can save your butt if necessary! And did I mention, easy WW.

I just looked at their video -- they used to emphasize it's WW hull more than they do now -- pretty similar hull to their XP series -- I was with a friend in his Duece Coupe in some big water Class III and we did flip a few times -- I think class II would work pretty well if you know haw to read the river and pick a good line. But again -- heavy!!

there’s a SUPer around here
that will sometimes show up at local playspots with his dog on the board with him. The dog swims around/hangs out on the rocks while he surfs. As I recall, the dog has some pretty solid ferrying skills. Better than some boaters!

they’re all female
They’re boats.

The pink one
Good for “whitewaters” that you scout in “advanced.”

You can harness the husky to pull it while he/she swims.

Cockpits are sorta female…

Female, that’s why they are called c-----ts… The husky… we are talking about a dog right? 60 pounds of stretch/lean could tip you over. Dog in open/sit on top only, with a properly fitted dog life preserver.