Best fiberglass canoe?

Hi. I am looking to get a canoe for my husband for his birthday, but have no clue what is best. He wants a fiberglass canoe that can handle some light whitewater. Any suggestions as to brands or specific canoes? Thanks!

Budget? Fiberglass canoes are quite heavy and the selection depends on where you are.
There is no “best” Solo or tandem?
Few mfrs longer make new glass boats. There are composites which have a mix of materials including glass. Wenonahs Tuf Weave, Nova Craft ( more prevalent in Canada) Tuff Stuff
Millbrook makes boats using glass. Clipper in BC too

Expect to spend around two grand for new. That is quite a nice birthday present.

do yourself a favor and stay away from WalMart and Dicks and other big box stores. Colemans are not for moving water at all… And the rest are dubious.

Better to buy a used one off here in the Classified.

Thanks for your thoughts. I’m unsure on a budget, but was planning to buy used if possible. It’s his 40th and he’s dreamed of owning a canoe. It’s hard to even start the research when I hardly know anything but I’d love to surprise him. Anyways, thanks.

Try to find a demo day, group paddle, or paddle shop that will let him paddle some canoes, and take him to that for his birthday. That would give him a chance to try out some different boats and see what works for him, and you could still have something to surprise him with. Then you’ll know what to watch for if you want to buy used. Some paddle shops have used inventory on hand as well. If you’d be interested in that route, maybe post up your location. I’d bet there are members that could point you to a paddle shop, demo day, or group paddle somewhere close to help out.

Also, could you please get in touch with my wife and let her know what you’re doing? Sounds like a great gift, good luck with the search!

Ha! - would love to give your wife a hint! We’re in the Phoenix area (I know, I know, not lots of water). I’d love any input anyone has, thanks!