Best fiberglass paddle for the money?

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I bought this
But my friend said he has the same one and the rubber grip began peeling off after only 6 months. I love the paddle bc it is light and comfortable but if it's cheaply made and begins to fall apart after 6 months it's not worth it. I paid $69.99, anything as light or lighter and as good or better for the $ or in that price range? Thanks! (I promise I will take suggestions this time.)

Best glass for $.

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Hands down, the best all fiberglass paddle for the money that I have found is the Carlisle Expedition. It is solid, super well built and should last for a long, long time. It has a simple, but very effective push button ferrule.

The Expedition is at least double the price you paid, but worth every penny.

For $30 more you could have a Werner Baja:

Or, for $40 more, a Cannon Nokomis.

But if you really think you are going to get into kayaking seriously, it would be worthwhile to budget $150 or more for a better paddle. If you are satisfied with the one you have now, I would not worry about it “peeling”. You can wrap bike handlebar or even good electrical tape around the shaft if it starts to peel. Or sell it soon while it still looks good and use the money towards a better brand. “Field and Stream” is not a brand known for quality paddles, either in design or materials.

Cool, thanks.
Is fiberglass definitely the way to go? Also, if I’m budgeting is there anything better than what I have for less than $100?

Lastly, I hate to revisit this in light of all of the flack I caught in my other thread but I feel somewhat regretful after reconsidering all of your advice. I still really like the design and ergonomics of the Old Town and it paddles fine to my inexperienced taste but I’m wondering if I will regret my decision in a year or so. Would I have noticed a huge difference in performance - notably tracking and speed - in another model in that price range or would I have had to spend a couple hundred more? I’m not asking you to give my decision your blessing I’m just genuinely curious how much I would have had to spend to notice a big difference in performance.

How much?

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If you had taken the advice that several of us offered, you could have gotten better performing boats for as much or LESS than what you paid for that Old Town. Yes, anyone would notice a difference between a short Old Town rec boat and a better designed boat. Re-read that old post if you need reminders of why.

But it was pretty clear to all of us who tried to advise you that you were fixated on that boat and nothing we could offer would sway you. So stop looking for more feedback -- you made your decision, now live with it.

If I had recognized that it was you again, fussing about your paddle choice this time, I probably would not have bothered offering options.

My advice? Quit fretting and go paddling.

I know but I’m asking new not used
I am well aware I could’ve done better buying used but I really wanted new for the reasons I stated.

I am generally a
Glutton for punishment, but I’ll throw it out ONE last time, as mentioned in your last thread, I added the Perception Conduit 13, longer, thinner, faster, two bulk heads, so safer, and…here we go again, cheaper new than the old town

I regard the paddle as a best
investment when I don’t get annoyed with it over the long haul

I love my Wind Swift by Eddyline. It cost some $130 when I got it. It’s $249 now

I don’t buy paddles often. I haven’t bought a new paddle since I got this one.

In 1997. I guess $130 over 19 years is a good buy.

Evaluate cost per use. Generally that means buying the very best you can afford.

But could I have comfortably fished from it? The usefulness as a rec kayak is as or more important than it’s performance as I will rarely be on large bodies of water and will be fishing/tooling around quite a bit.

How about this one

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It matches my kayak perfectly. Is it good quality or overpriced? Reviews look good.

I have the force
It used to be the “Quest” Force, but it’s still the same one. Dor your uses it should be fine. When I sold my Conduit 13 it went with that boat. It was starting to twist along the shaft, giving it about a 5 degree feather when I had it in the straight hole. No peeling.

I did buy it too long, and I bet you did too. Before I made my greenland paddle, I did pick up another paddle adjustable for length (210 - 240 cm) and feather. I found it for 10 more than the Force clearance at Dick’s.

Wants to buy a a paddle because it “matches” the color of the kayak. What more can we say.

I give up.

Maybe Ohioguy works for Dicks Sporting Goods? That’s my only explanation for someone so vehemently determined to buy cheap crap when affordable and far superior options are available elsewhere.

Jeez, I paid almost $400 for each of the 3 carbon fiber wing paddles I have. I could have saved a lot of money!

Werner or Aquabound
I’d be looking at the Werner Skagit or Aquabound Manta Ray, both good paddles and in the $130 range. I’d try to get at least a carbon shaft to keep the weight down.

Carlisle is good too but the ones I’ve seen have limited feathering options, like inline or 60 degrees of feather only.

I have yet to see a recommendation for
A better rec boat that offers the fishing ability and ergonomics that mine does for the price (new)

I’m thinking
Dicks charge card, hey got my 1st kayak there with a new account, $200 Future beach 10 foot whiffle ball bat, best boat in the world…for like, two weeks…then I met my first Current Design

Best boat out there! For you old timers here!

Free stuff as well.
The Pamlico 140 even came with the gray thing, factory installed. Can’t beat that.

I have a Werner Kalliste for sale and it could work for your budget. Let me know if you’d like some more information in pictures.