Best Finish for Darkening the Gunwales

I’m reading to oil the ash gunwales on my canoe.

I want a finish that will darken the wood. Can anyone recommend a good finish? Something like Watco exterior, but with a darkening tint.



add a little wood stain
Watco Teak oil will tend to darken ash gunwales slightly over time. If you want something more, you can try adding a bit of wood stain to your oil.

If you want something more dramatic still, sand your gunwales and stain them before oiling.

yes, staining directly is better than staining with the finish - more control over the color and more even coverage.

Watco Dark Walnut
When a wood gunwale is scratched a couple coats of the Dark Walnut will about match the color of all the wood again. Works well if you wish to put Watco teak oil over it. Teak oil yellows with age. Have used this method on three canoes. Works good. Being able to just reoil is why we use oil (Watco) over other coatings.