Best fishing canoe?

Im looking for the best fishing canoe for 2 people. Some general information-

-I load the canoe ontop of my car ford taures use pads and strap is down

  • I fish small 1-2 class moving rivers with lots of rocks
  • I like to go up river and fish next to dams often
  • I use a 55lb thrust trolling motor and I do have a side motor mount

    Im stuck between two canoes right now

    -Wenonah Backwater square stern canoe

    specs length 15’ width 41" made with royalex and weighs 79lbs price 1400$

    -Old town predator c160

    length 16’ width 40.5" weight 87lbs price 1000$

    made with Three Layer Polyethylene

    What I really want to know is it better to get the square stern canoe for the type of fishing i do or just use a side motor mount? Is the maneuverability going to be alot worse with a 16’ canoe over a 15’


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I would probably go with the old town canoe,and get the square stern.

For that application…
I have one of these (Esquif Cargo):

There are smaller versions available as well with the Heron and Mallard.

I like it well and have been pleased with it under power. It is a complete dog to paddle, but I have added oars and found it to be far easier. I use a Mercury 2.5hp engine for going upstream, but have discovered that a spare prop and some spare shear pins are not optional, but necessary. It handles well under power once enough ballast is added to get a reasonable trim.

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Check them out. Get the 12’er. It has a square stern for motor but paddles really well without a motor. There are an infinite number of ways to rig it.

river ridge is worth a look
I have a river ridge custom canoe that is designed for the type of fishing you describe. I’ve had two, and love mine. check it out

too heavy
IMHO, both those boats are pretty heavy for solo cartopping. it can be done but there are better. My first suggestion would be to stay with royalex or similar material. It will give you the combination of light weight & impact resistance you’ll need. Many of these boats will weight well under 70# and some under 60#.

FWIW, my current favorite fishing canoe is the OT Osprey 155. 56#, center seat (handy tackle tray when paddled backwards), 38" wide for stability. Keel less so its WW friendly. Can be rowed ,powered or paddled.

Also FWIW, used Royalex boats are not hard to find and a bargain when you do.

Too heavy
the Old Town Osprey 155 is listed as 68# on their website. That seems pretty heavy to me. At the same time for what it can haul and do thats not so bad.

re: osprey
155 is DISCONTINUED. they still make the 14’.

i contacted them regarding it, they said it just wasn’t as popular as the 14’.

68# is not too heavy.
I was able to load a 110# canoe to the rooftop rack of a pickup by myself with a bad shoulder. It just takes a system whereby you only pick up 1/2 the boat at a time.

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