Best fishing kayak for river/lakes???

I’m trying to pick the best kayak for my fishing needs. I don’t have any kayak experience but plenty in a canoe. I will fish mainly in Missouri streams for rainbow trout and maybe a little touring during the summer and am wondering how little depth a kayak can handle. I may take it to the local lake for some shore line fishing. I’ve been looking at the various models and find myself drawn to the tarpon 140, xfactor, and the redfish models. I like the layout of the xfactor but am concerned on how hard it would be to paddle upstreams on occasion. Most of the time it would be downstream floats of around 10-12 miles. I will never have to battle waves but would like to find one that can go over the most shallows without dragging. Anyone have any opinions. 5’10" 185 lbs. I’m looking for opinions because I’ve never even seen a sot kayak in this region. Maybe there is a reason??? No local dealers to check out fishing kayaks. They have kayaks for the “tourists” to play on…but they look nothing like the fishing kayaks.

hmm, WS Ride?
Not sure, but if you’re looking for the shallowest draft I have a hunch the WS “Ride” (they do make a “Angler” version) might draw less than the Tarpon 140. Someone else may know for sure (flatpick?).

Prowler 13 & 15
You might want to check out the Ocean kayaks. They were designed specificaly for fishing. Bring your own scale when checking out boats. The Ride is a noisy boat and not much speed. A new boat out is the Bic Scapa. Looks a little weird but I have seen some good foreign reviews. REI sells them but I would like to see some reliable local reviews and try one out. Tom at topkayaker is supposed to be getting one to test. They are supposed to have a light weight version. One thing you want to watch out for is wet butt. Plugs help but idealy should not be needed. The Heritage Sea Dart is another good boat but does not have a tank well and runs a little heavy.

Look For A Flat Hull
For shallow rivers, look for a boat with a flat hull. Boats with a keel will tend to tip when you ground out.

try here…

reviews of fishing kayaks…

Kayak fishing
go to, plenty of opinions.

Take a look at…
…the Old Town Loon 138.

boringly stable. It’s a fine fishing platform.

I used to take mine to the lake at 3AM and go

to sleep in it.

Kayak Fishing
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