Best Fitting Wetsuit?

Sorry to start another wetsuit thread, seems like a lot of them right now.

I’m looking to buy my first wetsuit. I can’t seem to find any strores in my area that carry farmer john suits, so I am forced to order without trying on. What are some good brands of wetsuits specifically for someone who is tall and slim?

Here are my dimensions: height 6’1", Weight 155lbs., Chest 38", Waist 32"

I was looking at NRS size Large, does that sound right? What about Kokatat? Any other good brands for skinny folk?

Call NRS
Good people and helpful.

Snug Fit is best for a wet suit.
Please note you do want a snug fit. Not tight and restrictive, but snug is better than loose for a wet suit.

Water needs to be trapped inside the suit. Then your body warms that water, and the suit keeps the outside water from chilling the inside water.

If the suit is loose, as you move, water will be pushed out and cold water drawn in. Then you will always be cold.

Wet Suits stretch a lot, so just remember snug is better than loose.

Also, I weat polyester underwear under the wet suit. Polyester keeps the wet suit from rubbing the wrong things the wrong way, and is thin and will not soak up water like Cotton. NEVER wear cotton under a wet suit.

Call NRS, and they will help you.

you might look at the 1-2mm neoprene ‘shirts’ or a 3mm vest to get the most out of a farmer john. Google up “The Farmer John Fallacy” to get an idea of it’s limitations. Allowing cold water to flush around your bare armpits,chest and neck will render a lot of the heat retention properties moot. Also look at small fuzzy rubber or similar strechy hoods/beanies that can be rolled up and stuffed in a pfd pocket as versatile backup since cold water on a bare head is also a significant source of heat loss.

Farmer John
I have a Farmer John and a Hydro-Skin top from NRS that works well. When the water gets cold, I wear a drysuit.

Beware of the NRS size chart. I was able to try on a couple of suits at the local paddling store.

I am 5’91/2", 160 lbs, 33" waist, 40’chest.

The XL fits me like a snug glove.

that’s what I was afraid of…
I mostly worried that if I get too small of a size it will be too short but if I order a larger size it will be the right length but too baggy. What size given my dimensions do you think I should order? Are their any farmer john wetsuits besides NRS that fit taller people better?

fit differences
The previous post illustrates the differences in what composes “fit”. I’m 5’11" 170lbs with a 33/33-34 pants & 40" chest. I use a medium farmer John from NRS. I admit I wear it tight like my bicycling clothes, but an XL?

The farmer John has very little critical dimensions in fit for you other than the legs might be a little short and not reach your ankle (mine’s just above my ankle bone). The zippers there will keep it snug. I would be more concerned with chest fit and gapping behind your neck/back. If it is too loose, it doesn’t do the job. Besides that, neoprene does stretch and sag slightly with repeated wear. My opinion is that it should be really snug the first time you try it on, not so much that you can’t breathe, but tight enough that when you zip it up the front, you need to use some real effort.

OK I’ve got you beat

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I'm 5'8 about 205 lbs probably a 46" barrel chest, I wear an NRS extra large farmer john. You really want a wet suit to fit tight or it does no good, especially a farmer john, it will flush with cold water.

A good fitting wetsuit should be hard to get into unless you have some practice. It will be restrictive when you first put it on, it will loosen up in the water.

NRS whatidnottaken
I just got an standard neoprene NRS Farmer John wetsuit by mail, and it does not fit. I am 5 8.5 inches, 166 lbs, and waist 32. The suits is too small in the chest, I wear a 40 jacket. The size is Large. I fear if I get a XL, it will fit in chest and be too long in crotch. Your thoughts about NRS are right, it is poor sizing. Must try on or you’ll be like me, paying $7 to mail back. PLUS, at least if you belive a post from about 2 months ago, neoprene shrinks. So, what fits you now will not in a while. NRS does make a portly Farmer John in their catalog, but I have never experienced it. I think trying is mandatory for wetsuits. Very discouraging to get oine in mail that doers not fit. I think your initial percetions on NRS suits, at least are true.

tall sizes
I wish NRS made tall sizes…

How tight in the chest?
I bet the NRS actually fits you.

Tall NRS Wetsuits
The NRS Farmer Bill allows you to add inches to the shoulders via added velcro straps. I don’t have any direct experience with the Farmer Bill, but I do have the Ultra John (NRS) and love it. It fits pretty well for my frame (6’ 6") 205 lb, and a 44" chest. The legs fit my 36" inseam well, and the torso length is good. I have the XXL size, which is supposed to fit upto 6’ 5". The chest is a little loose, but I wear a hydroskin top when it’s cold and that takes up the slight bulk.

I also tried on the NRS Extreme Relief Dry Suit and even though it says fits upto 6’ 4", I had plenty of room (length in both the legs and torso). Again, I am 6’ 6".


seadart, bigyaker

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I have worn wetsuits for Triathlon days when I swam Lake MI, and know a tight one weh I see one. I am failry fit now still and this L NRS suit barely zips over my chest, and my armpit fat bulges out like a bad Michelin around the arm sockets. Honestly this baby does not fit. I know what you mean seadart about water filling and warmth when in the water, but I will be using this baby to paddle out of the water 98% of teh time, and think it would chaff my chest raw in no time. Neoprene, as opposed to the Quintana Roo/Performance rubber swimming suit I used for the triathlons, is two things: abrasive, and shrinkable. Yes, neoprene will shrink with use. My triathlon suit, which I still have here in teh closet even though I was only 145 lbs when used prior, is a size small... and it is only slightly smaller than my new L NRS suit. Bigyaker may be right, I see the Farmer Bill with adjustable shoulder straps, perhaps that is best. Since I plan to paddle in the suit rather than swim distances in it now, I am also considering a set or Gore-tex dry bibs, which is looser fitting but waterproof and although more costly at a couple hundred bucks, should maybe do what I want it to do, keep me semi-dry and warm in an autumn (not winter) spill. Anyone have any thoughts please on that idea?