BEST flat back canoe to fly fish..?

hi all.

i was alooking at deferent site…wow there is many many deferent model off flat back canoe.

first 290 pound man here.

i want to be up on my feet most off the day.

mabe put a small in kota motor on the back…no more.

i want NOT to heavy and very stabile.

any off you have some and have good tips…?

thanks for all info.


I’ve not
looked into such canoes much but I would suggest you stay away from the aluminum versions to keep noise to a minimum.I think Wenonah has a nice one.I’m sure Old Town does and maybe Coleman.

It’s not built
If you want a large, wide canoe that can take power, has a flat back, and will allow a 290# man to stand in it most of the day, it’s going to be heavy.

Look at Esquif’s line. I have the Cargo because I want to take my family along. But they have two smaller squareback canoes made for rivers.

  • Big D

If you are looking for a canoe that you can standup on and accepts a small trolling or gas motor, than check out a NuCanoe.