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I had a leaky hatch on a Tarpon 120, and sealed it with exterior silicon. It held fine for a few outings, but is starting to peal off. Is there anything out there better suited to adhere to plastic ? Or is there a way to prep the plastic? I read on other post about Goop. Would that be a better choice ? any info would Help.

One more time…

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Almost nothing sticks to polyethylene. See .

Goop will stick better than silicone. The best I've found is Lexel . You will need to clean the surface well before using something else because the silicone residue will make it even harder for anything else to stick. Roughing the surface with sandpaper helps too.

Plastic epoxy stick
try Magnum Marine/Plastic repair Epoxy stick. I had to move my foot pedals on my Loon 111, because I have short legs. I used the this stuff to fill the holes. it’s holding great…

it’s a stick epozy that you cut what you need and mash/knead together. once it’s uniform in color you apply it to where you need to seal, sets-up in about 15 minutes. it’s about $5 for a tube and can be found at lots of auto-parts stores.

good luck

Avoid silicone like the plague!
That is, unless you’re using it on something that you need to be able to remove later on. It bonds poorly and leaves a residue that makes it more difficult to get anything else to bond where the silicone was. You’ll need to clean the area carefully to remove the residue. IIRC, Xylene will remove silicone residue.

Lexel, 3M 4200/5200 or Marine Goop will work much better. Your best bet is to remove the hatch ring from the boat, clean the area, then re-bed the hatch ring with new sealant.

Epoxy may fill holes, but it will never
truly stick to polyethelene.