Best FUD to use with front relief zipper drysuit?

I’m a female paddler. I got a new Kokatat men’s drysuit with a front relief zipper because I hate the drop-seat in women’s drysuits. I’ve been using a Freshette FUD from Campmor for years, but it’s hard to use with this drysuit, I think because the zipper’s a little higher than my previous drysuits and the funnel isn’t long enough. Also the detachable spout, well, detaches, with predictable results.

Has anyone successfully dealt with this situation? Any recommendations?

I can’t replicate your experience because I tended to get the relief zipper at a lowered height. At least until the two piece suits you could get that from Kokatat. But I just looked and, if it helps, Campmor does offer that FUD with a longer tube.

A friend of mine used a narrow neck ammonia bottle and a DIY cut out for receiving liquid. She had a mens drysuit and wore men’s long underwear to facilitate ease of use.

My wife uses a Shewee with her Stolquist AMP drysuit

I did a LOT of reading before I got my FUD for the exact reasons you’re looking for one. I ended up with a pstyle, and I’m quite happy with it. It’s a solid plastic and 1-piece, so I can manoeuvre it through the relief zipper and to the right spot, despite the zip-hole being a bit high on me as well. I was off-put by the funnel being open at the top, but as long as I control the flow rate, it’s not a problem at all.